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发布时间: 2019.03.12


Perceival Agencies有限公司旗下子公司Perceival Security and Safety Agencies Ltd(下面简称PSSA),成功吸引了一家亚洲顶级安保公司来到尼日利亚,这一举动必会改变尼日利亚安保行业的面貌。










Perceival Agencies Berth Security Revolution in Nigeria 

     Perceival Agencies Limited, the publishers of nigeriamaritime360.com, has initiated a quiet revolution in the security industry in Nigeria.

Through one of its subsidiary companies, the Perceival Security and Safety Agencies Ltd (PSSA), the company has attracted one of the Asian top security companies to Nigeria, in a move that is bound to change the face of the sector in the country.

    In a landmark venture that has been roundly hailed by security experts, the Perceival Security and Safety Agencies Limited (PSSA) has struck a working relationship with China Security Technology Group Company Limited (CSTG), Beijing, China.

    The terms of relationship between the two companies are meant to redefine the art of security and safety in Nigeria and infuse high technology into the practice of security.

     CSTG is one of the leading integrated security solution providers in the world. The company is set to put its cutting edge security technology at the disposal of PSSA, its local partners and to provide highly skilled and advanced technological approach to security problems in the country.

By this Understanding, PSSA is expected to locally assemble capable and abled-bodied men and women who will be trained in the most advanced techniques of security and equipped with the most sophisticated and modern gadgets, as private security service personnel.

    The relationship between these two companies is an extension of globalization to security services in its international African and regional perspectives.

    It is a move that will rub positively on both concerns, meeting the need to effectively promote safety assurance for their customers, improve safety risk assessment in their strides and sustain emergency in procedures, at exceeding levels, in the industry.

    This marriage is expected to be consummated and celebrated in a glamorous two-legged launching ceremony to be held both in Abuja and Lagos in the first half of April, 2019, at a date to be announced, shortly.

    Naturally, the nigeriamaritime360.com is proud to be associated with this daring venture and happy to share in the euphoria of the record-breaking union.

     Notwithstanding the affiliation with our sister company which midwives the union and naturally confers a sense of fulfilment on us at nigeriamaritime360.com , we equally see beyond the benefits both companies stand to gain from the union. We see a larger benefits and opportunities which this rare union will bring to Nigeria as a whole.

     We see a great impact and the lasting impression which this union is bound to have on the security industry in the country. We see the multiplier effects which the partnership will have on the service providers in the security industry.

    We expect it to be trailblazing for other operators in the industry.

    CSTG is Chinese. It is managed by seasoned and tested retired senior officers in the armed forces, in Asia and other European countries. The Company has several branches or subsidiaries around the world, including African countries like Ghana and Kenya.

    The PSSA-CSTG Initiative will employ and train thousands of Nigerians in the best art of security practices, transferring knowledge and developing the nation.

    We are encouraged by the intimidating profiles of the two companies, which, to our mind, could even be extended and harnessed beyond their individual business interests. We are also proud of the leadership and management of the CSTG in particular, for the overall outcome of the Understanding.

    Its Nigeria partner, PSSA, parades no less experienced professionals, who like in CSTG, are tested and retired personnel at top echelon of the Nigeria Business Management and Security Services.

    It is therefore gratifying, that these two reputable partners are set to take the Nigerian security industry by storm, to unleash their professional prowess, garnered over the decades, on the security landscape in the country.

    We commend the staff and management of Perceival Security and Safety Agencies Limited, especially its indefatigable Mentor for his inspirational leadership and ability to achieve this feat, which has placed providers of security services in Nigeria on the global map for security solutions.